Share your favorite coconut flour and low-carb recipes with us. All recipes should be suitable for a low-carb or ketogenic diet. Please include the following with your submission: how much the recipe makes (one dozen, 1 cup, 8 ounces, etc.); your name, so we can give you credit; if the recipe is from a printed source, please include the source; and a photograph of the dish, if possible but not required. We will calculate the metric measurements, net carbs, and other nutrients per serving and post it along with the recipe. You may submit as many recipes as you like.  Submit your recipe here.

Low-Carb Coconut Flour Recipes  |   Low-Carb, High-Fat (LCHF) Recipes


Coconut Flour Recipes ________________________

Honey Muffins

Carrot Pineapple Muffin

Low-Carb Chocolate Cupcakes

Bacon and Cheese Muffins

Low-Carb, High-Fat (LCHF) Recipes ____________

Crockpot Chicken & Tomatoes

Clam Chowder

Salmon in Coconut Cream Sauce

Curried Coconut Chicken Salad

Coconut Lime Shrimp