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If you have had success losing weight or improving your health in some way by using coconut oil, the Coconut Ketogenic Diet, or a low-carb, high-fat approach to dieting, we would love to hear about it.

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I am glad to lose weight at age 64 from belt size 36 to 32 easily with my Filipino food diet (low in white rice) with  1 tbsp of Virgin Coconut Oil with every meal.

As a registered acupuncturist in BC, Canada and author of The Cure & Cause of Cancer, I have recommended the Coconut Ketogenic Diet to my patients who have chronic diseases with acupuncture, herbs and Qigong and most of them have recovered from their ailments including cancer, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, kidney diseases.

Thanks for reviving the use of coconut oil as food and medicine. Now I understand why the Filipinos call the coconut as tree of life.

Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac

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 I was overweight, and resigned to it; diets just didn’t work with me. In fact, in spite of a basically healthy diet I was steadily gaining weight over the years and decades. I was also using what I considered the healthy fats—polyunsaturated oils.

After reading Bruce Fife’s books on coconut oil I switched oils completely. I diligently read labels to avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils—and was amazed at how pervasive they are. I used coconut oil for all my cooking, and even added it to my tea.

I lost 20 pounds in a matter of weeks, and what’s more important, my weight has stayed at this level for the whole year. Even at times of more indulgence, such as holidays and Christmas, I did not gain. I take coconut oil with me wherever I go and can’t live without my daily dose!

Sharon Maas

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 I am 71 and my wife is 67. Taking the coconut oil, walking 2 miles daily combined with the Atkins diet produced almost immediate beneficial results. Increased energy, NEVER hungry, weight loss every week, and sleeping like babies! In three months I lost 26 pounds and my wife lost 28.

Andre White

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 I have lost 76 pounds over the course of the year. I have been using VCO and eating mainly a low-carb diet with lots of veggies.


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 I am a Canadian who recently married a Filipino national. I have been using virgin coconut oil. It has helped me, along with diet and exercise, regain and improve my health. In fact, I have lost over 130 pounds and at 44, I’m enjoying the best health of my life.

Barry Robichaud

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I have been using coconut oil for about a month, I’ve lost 12 pounds so far. I have also changed the way I eat and I’m just not hungry like I used to be. So far so good.

Cindy B.

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 I love my VCO. I have so much energy. I am 52 years old and I am keeping up with my visiting grandsons 6 and 8 as if I am 30 something. I have lost 10 pounds in about 5 weeks and have 10 more to go. My dry eyes are gone along with the aches and pains of arthritis, Sjogren’s, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia. I have also used the oil on the boys when they get their little scrapes and they heal fast. I am using the oil on my skin and love the way it looks and feels. I feel like the combination of my good diet, the VCO and exercise is the key to my success.


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 I just messed around with coconut oil for 2 or 3 months taking only 1 or 2 small teaspoons per day. When I got all my lab work done, my good (HDL) cholesterol had jumped from 64 to 72, bad (LDL) cholesterol was 88, and my total cholesterol was only 188! Now, I’m taking 3 very full tablespoons every day! Even my hemoglobin jumped from 10 or 11 to 14.7! A LOT of other stuff was FANTASTIC! Best labs I ever got in my life!

Clyde E.

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 I am a 76 year old active, healthy senior who is moderately diabetic. I just had some lab test results, and my A1C had dropped from 7.6 to 7.0! This was the first drop I have experienced in 3-4 years! My lipids also improved—total cholesterol dropped, HDL is higher, LDL is lower, and the ratio is better. I am thrilled to know that there is something definite to tell my friends, and that all my efforts are working.

Diana, Canada

 — — — — — — —

Here are the results of my husband and I being on 3Tbs VCO a day for 90 days. We waited 90 days in order to have comparison blood work for cholesterol and glucose.

For me, Susan (60 years old):

● 50% disappearance of spider veins under both my ankles.

● Softer heels (do not need dangerous razor and sandpaper to make them smooth, spares my hosiery).

● Softer outer ear wax (buildup is easily removed, no longer painful in both ears).

● Armpits smell so nice, no need for antiperspirant or deodorant (breast surgeon warned me of using antiperspirant and deodorants).

● Soft skinfrom head to toe

● Fall asleep easier and sleep deep (no longer need calcium/magnesium, alcohol, or OTCs).

● No hunger pangs (sometimes I eat half the normal calories a day, and I’m content!).

● Blood pressure is slightly lower, about 5 points each diastolic/systolic (I’m not on b/p medicine).

● Improved memory with accurate recall (I used to have a foggy brain, making mistakes, between 4:30-10:00 am every day).

● Head and chest  cold relief (sickness did not progress into sinus or lung infection, which almost always happens!).

● Sunburn protection (no longer need sunscreens for my fair skin and freckles).

● Painful crack in right middle fingernail gone (nail has healed nicely, for yeas it remained cracked from end of the nail to cuticle.)

● Total cholesterol decreased from 237 to 216

HDL increased from 61 to 77

LDL decreased from 145 to121

Triglyceride decreased from 156 to 92

Non-HDL decreased from 176 to 139

I am not on a statin drug

● Glucose reduced from 106 to 90 (I am not on diabetic drugs).

Wonderful, even level of energy throughout the day (before I would wake up tired, literally wake up at 10 am, then need caffeine to hold me over until a 3 pm snack, then ate everything in sight at 6 pm).

My husband (64 years old):

● Total cholesterol decreased from 222 to 206

HDL increased from 59 to 65

LDL decreased from 129 to 114

Triglycerides decreased from 170 to 133

Non-HDL decreased from 163 to 141

He’s on a statin drug

Pain relief from arthritic knee (postponed surgery).

Suzanne Stewart

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I began eating coconut oil because of its benefits for hypothyroid and using coconut flour as an alternative to a grain-based diet. I am celiac, but have found that GF flours still cause digestive problems and edema in the legs, so coconut flour is a boon. When long standing candida cleared up as well as severe toenail fungus (of more than 20 years) I didn’t at first associate coconut oil with this. I then purchased two of your books from Amazon, “The Coconut Oil Miracle” and “Coconut Cures” and of course, the penny dropped. I am now using coconut oil in so many ways, externally as well as internally, and looking forward to further improvements. Finding an organic, unbleached, unpasteurized source locally has been critical. Using coconut oil and flour as part of a diet rich in organic fruit and vegetables, with pasture fed beef and organic free-range eggs, I am finding a major overall improvement in my health after a decade  of being more or less immobilized. At 75, I have so much more planned for my life, so this is truly the miracle as you have called it. My husband is fast becoming a fan too.

Sheilah Bockett, New Zealand

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 I have had fibromyalgia for about 5 years and arthritis in my back for 3. I was progressively getting worse. The arthritis in my back was constant, never ending pain, and my fibro came and went, some days worse than others. I did not want to take medication, I don’t want to mask one problem and cause a series of other problems, and so I lived with the pain, slowly gaining weight and feeling miserable. In July my wonderful husband said enough is enough and started researching online. He came across your book “The New Arthritis Cure,” and asked me to order it. We read it and he said he wanted me to do the whole foods diet and coconut oil. I told him I don’t think I have the willpower to change the way I eat and watch my family continue to eat the foods I love, so he said he would do it with me. We started the middle of August. I am happy to report that I am completely pain free! I feel so good! I am happier, I have lost 19 pounds to date and still losing. I am exercising. It is wonderful. About a month ago I found out that I have borderline osteoporosis. Again, I don’t want to take the medication, I am too young (42 years old), so I am fighting it with weight exercises. Several months ago I would not have been able to exercise the way I need to. I am so grateful to you and my husband. My children are tired of hearing about how great I feel and me telling people what I am doing to feel so great. They ask if I get tired of telling people and I don’t. I am so excited and I want the world to know that it can be done. It is not easy at first, but once you get over the first hurdle it is so easy. I do not crave the sugars and junk anymore. Another bonus is my husband also feels great. He also is able to exercise more than he did before. We are true believers.

Shannon Lundin, Spring Branch, TX

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Three months back my doctor told me I had a slight increase in cholesterol levels. He told me to go on a low-fat diet and avoid fats and oils, including coconut oil. If my cholesterol readings didn’t improve after 3 months, he would put me on medications.

I did some research on the Internet and that is how I happened to read about your research. Despite the doctor’s advice, I started consuming coconut oil. I got my lab reports back last week and my cholesterol levels have improved so much.

Three months ago, total cholesterol was 204, it is now 189; HDL was 40, now it’s 51; and LDL was 139, and now it is 119.

My doctor was surprised and told me the LDL is still on the high side, but overall it is normal. He still insisted that I avoid coconut oil. My cholesterol levels were high when I consumed sunflower oil but when I started coconut oil it has come down to normal.

Rachita Rao, United Arab Emirates

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